August 29

14:00 - 15:30
Poster presentations
In person

The hall (next to the room 106)


Danijela Petrovic; Mia Maric

Online teaching and COVID-19 era: positive experience in the context of health-education and psychological competencies of education students

Girts Burgmanis; Ilze France; Dace Namsone; Marta Mikite The development of numeracy test using three dimensional framework to assess numeracy skills in grade 7  
Ildze Čakāne   Reasons for rapid growth in addition and subtraction strategy use in 1st grade students  
Igors ArdaševsThe use of IT technologies and tools in the classroom

16:00 - 17:30
Paper presentations
In person

Section: Innovation in Art and Design Education
(room 433)

Chair person:  Ligita Stramkale



Austra Avotina; Austra Celmiņa-Ķeirāne; Mara Urdzina-Deruma; Inguna Karlsone

Sketching - an Undervalued Tool in General Education

Ligita Stramkale

Music Teachers’ Job Satisfaction During the Covid-19 Pandemic

Fiona Mary Vilnite, Māra Marnauza

Mental training in developing skill, musical
interpretation and performance in young violinists
Austra Avotina; Valeria Froloviceva   Rubrics as a Tool for Objective Assessment in Art Education  
Una Auziņa  Support for remigrating children in Latvian schools

Section: Methods and Theories Applicable in Teacher Education Research 
(room 320B)

Chair person:  Ellen-Beate Halvorsen



Beata Lavrinoviča, Inga Linde, Gunta Siliņa-Jasjukeviča, Inese Lūsēna-Ezera

School as a Learning Organisation: Impediments to its implementation in Latvia and abroad

Inguna Karlsone

Spatial Reasoning Skills as a Universal Learning Outcome

Anna Przybyło

Extended abstract competences - over knowledge and into creativity.

Solvita Lazdina, Evi Daga - Krumina

Teachers' beliefs about teaching and learning: why is it still a challenge?

Section: Inclusive and Special Needs Education
(room 107)

Chair person:  Deirdre Murphy



Caro Lemeire

Tackling fear of failure: a belgian case study

Dejana Bouillet; Marina Panić

Support to children at risk of social exclusion as a component of inclusive education in Croatian early childhood education and care institutions

Dita Nimante; Egija Laganovska

Barriers for employment for adolescents and young adults with high-functioning autism

Egija Laganovska; Evija Latkovska; Ieva Margeviča-Grinberga; Indra Odiņa

Support Provision for the Teachers of Students with Rare Diseases

György Mészáros

Parental perspectives and power relations in teacher education: theoretical and autoethnographic reflections

Olena Shyyan

Educational policy for creating the educational support for Ukrainian teachers and schoolchildren inside Ukraine and in the refugee-hosting countries

Section: Digital technologies
(room 406)

Chair person:  T.J. O’Ceallaigh & Cornelia Connelly



Irmantas Adomaitis

Synchronous online learning for solving physical problems in a team: challenges and opportunities

LIor Solomovich

Attitudes about ICT among teachers during the coronavirus period

LIor Solomovich

Bedouin Students Coping with Online Learning during The Initial Period of COVID-19

Lana Frančeska Dreimane;
Zinta Zālīte-Supe

Augmented reality for developing interior design skills in secondary education

Lana Frančeska Dreimane

Analysis of VR multi-user environments for learning and co-creation

Santa Dreimane

Gamification and Game-Based Learning in Higher Education: Evaluation of the Development of Learning Motivation

Section:  Educational Psychology
(room 301)

Chair person:  Liena Hačatrjana



Evita Ozerova; Baiba Martinsone

Social emotional skills, behavioral problems and learning outcomes of elementary school children

Dace Medne

Story telling as a method to promote students' emotional well-being

Liena Hačatrjana

Skills that helped students during the distance learning and could help them in the future

  Elina VitolaMindfulness praxis as a tool to promote social emotional learning  

16:00 - 17:30
Paper presentations

Section: Professional Development of Teacher Educators 
(room 320A)

Chair person:   Leah Shagrir



Carmen Galván; José Gijón, Emilio Lizarte, Meriem Khaled

Motivation and attitude as key aspects of English language learning

Evangelia Kosmidou

Reflective writing as a means towards teacher professional evolution

Irena Labak, Marija Sablić, Branko Bognar

Reflections and feedback as predictors for directed development of assessment competence

Giulia Filippi

Initial teacher education program and preservice teacher perception. A comparative study

Guna Svence; Ilze Briška   Indicators of Social Emotional Health (SEHS-T) and Resilience in the Latvian teachers` sample  
Carmen Galván; José Gijón; Emilio Lizarte; Meriem Khaled Dog-assisted therapy for academic stress reduction in university students
Vytautas Žalys   Artificial intelligence as an additional tool for music education