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Edmunds Vanags

Indirect relationship of metacognition awareness with test performance for students

Rasa Braslauskienė
Reda Jacynė

Implementation of equal opportunities for children with autism spectrum disorder in pre-school education institution

Ilze Vilka

Effectiveness of intervention in speech therapy using the game in reducing phonological insufficiency in children aged 5 – 6 years old

Alla Kolodyazhna

Psychological characteristics of transprofessional competencies of a vocational education teacher

Austra Avotina, 
Valeria Froloviceva

Rubrics as a tool for objective assessment in art education

Calixto Gutiérrez, 
Paula Rodríguez Chirino

Knowledge building: a good way to teach educational research methodology

Agata Augustinovič, Małgorzata Krzeczkowska, Nijolė Cibulskaitė

Pre-service teacher training students in a double role as a lecturer and as an observer of a chemistry lesson at school

Olga Nezhyva

Ted talks as a digital tool in foreign language teaching

Benedetta Ragni,
Giusi Antonia Toto,
Pierpaolo Limone,

The relationship between the use of music and openness personality traits in a group of teachers-in-training receiving a musical intervention

Hasan Selcuk,
Linda Daniela

The use of online dictionaries during web-based collaborative writing among EFL learners

Nadiia Postryhach

Pecularities of teacher education quality assurance in Ukraine